Moonshine Yarrow

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Achillea Filipendulina `Moonshine`
Growing to a height of about 1 to 2 feet, Moonshine Yarrow forms clumps of fern-like gray-green foliage. In summer, it produces flat clusters of vibrant lemon-yellow flowers atop sturdy stems. The flowers attract pollinators and add a cheerful touch to gardens and landscapes. This yarrow variety thrives in full sun and well-draining soil, making it an excellent choice for dry and sunny areas. Its drought tolerance, low maintenance requirements, and attractive blooms make it a favorite for adding color and texture to borders, rock gardens, and wildflower plantings.
Product Details
Botanical Name Achillea Filipendulina `Moonshine`
Common Name Moonshine Yarrow
Family Asteraceae
Foliage Type Herbaceous
Mature Height 3 - 4 ft.
Mature Width 1 - 1.5 ft.
Bloom Time May- June
Bloom Type Yellow Flower
Preferred Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Drought Tolerance High
Deer Resistance Medium
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