Delaware Valley White Azalea

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Azalea 'Delaware Valley white'
Reaching a height of approximately 4 to 5 feet, 'Delaware Valley White' Azalea displays a compact and rounded growth habit with glossy green leaves. In spring, it produces an impressive profusion of pure white, funnel-shaped flowers that cover the shrub in a blanket of pristine beauty. The flowers attract pollinators and provide a serene touch to gardens and landscapes. 'Delaware Valley White' thrives in partial shade to filtered sunlight and well-draining, acidic soil. Its striking white blooms and lush foliage make it a sought-after choice for creating focal points, borders, and adding elegance to shaded or woodland gardens.
Product Details
Botanical Name Azalea 'Delaware Valley white'
Common Name Delaware Valley White Azalea
Family Ericaceae
Foliage Type Evergreen
Mature Height 3 - 5 ft.
Mature Width 3 - 4 ft.
Bloom Time April - May
Bloom Type White / Silver Flower
Preferred Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full / Part Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Drought Tolerance Medium
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